Is hand held music greener than other electronic music making?

That’s my question for today?

I was reading something at work today about turning off lights and appliances that you’re not using and it struck me that maybe not only is mobile music making very handy in terms of being able to work on your stuff wherever you are, but also ‘greener’ than other forms of electronic music making.

I don’t know if I’m right or not, I guess you’d have to work out the amount of power required to charge a laptop battery against a PDA battery and how much music production time you’d get from each, but it is one of those things that just feels like it should be right. It kind of makes intuitive sense that these devices use less power.

I could be wrong, but until someone tells me otherwise I might just feel good about it for a while.


  1. Unless you’re doing something crazy, like making handheld music on a full-size diesel locomotive you’re running in circles, I think that’s an unqualified yes. 🙂There’s the environmental impact of the device itself, but power consumption — no question! Likewise, laptop music is more green than desktop music.

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