No MIDI on DS-10

The Korg DS-10 blog confirms that there will be no MIDI on the DS-10 but that they will look at it for a future product.

Also, they again confirm that they are looking at a US and European launch, which is good.


  1. I’m sure you’re right and someone will, I also hope that Korg get the idea and either put it into an updated version or another product for the DS platform.

  2. Hi, Palm Sounds I tried to translate Mr.Tsushima’s post on DS-10’s official blog.There might be many mistakes since my English is incomplete.m19ha2ne —– I’ve read comments on this blog. I found that there are lots of people whohave a question. These are the following.“Does DS-10 have MIDI IN/OUT ability?”“Can DS-10 connect with the PC by Wi-Fi?”“Is it possible for DS-10 to send and receive it’s projects via internet?” The answer is “NO” to all these questions.The reason why we do not implement these functions is that they have manyproblems. (for example, too much costs.) First of all, we wish that you’ll enjoy our DS-10 at stand-alone.We are convinced that you shall be crazy about our product. Since DS-10 is able to save it’s tone-settings and sequences as a “session”,you can store your own “session” in DS-10 cartridge, even if you were in the destination. DS-10 will be able to preserves 6 “session” in it. We have a plan to make a “setting-sheets” for DS-10 to print out it’s settingson the paper. (ex. position of knobs) We think that it will be fine since it has retro,/analogic moods. We wish you could download them from our official site of DS-10. On DS-10’s drum-trucks, First, it generates percussive tones by using the same way that it’s “synthesizer-parts” is using. Next, it samples the tone as a PCM, and assigns themto each truck. (If you carefully watch our demo movie of DS-10, you will notice at this point.) There are no need to assign percussive tones to drum-trucks. You can assign your favoritetone to them as you like. You can use 4 drum-trucks among with your ideas. We will prepare the “pre-set sounds”. But we wish that you will create your ownsounds/technics by yourself. Enjoy it!

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