I was thinking about PDA based instruments again and specifically the likes of AxisPad and Theremini / Theremidi. In my last video I used both these apps. Whilst I think they worked fine it made me realise that I could do so much more with these apps by simply investing some time and effort into setting up instruments that work well with the slates in AxisPad and fit with the overall piece.

Sounds straightforward doesn’t it, but as I’ve started it is less easy than I thought it would be. SoundPad is a fantastic appplication and it allows a lot of control over a sound. It takes time to get a sound working right and I think sometimes I rush to get a sound finished.

AxisPad slates are easy to make, but fine tuning them to a point where they really work is a bit harder.

So fine tuning settings in both of these apps so they really work together is going to take more time, but in the end I think it will be really worth it and it will make performance much more straightforward.

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