Drum Kit Ace

I stumbled over this video and it reminded me of this app which I looked at ages ago. At the time I thought it was ok but nothing really special, but the video makes me think that it might be worth another look.

Software used in experiments video

Thanks to NightRadio for asking about the software used in the little video experiment I posted yesterday. Here are some answers:

T3 – Running Bhajis Loops
Treo 650 – Running AxisPad with sounds made using SoundPad
TRG Pro – Running Theremini (follow link and Theremini is about halfway down the page)

The TRG Pro was plugged into a Yamaha MU15 Tone Module. The whole thing was sent into a Korg Kaoss Pad Mini.

I have some more videos soon, I’m just having some trouble with the YouTube upload at the moment. Any questions just comment them in or drop me a line.

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