WWDC 9-13 June

I was checking out the WWDC pages at the Apple site and I noticed this:

Create Engaging Media Experiences
The iPhone SDK provides an amazing lineup of technologies for developing media-rich mobile applications and cutting-edge handheld games. Learn from Apple’s Graphics & Media engineers as they reveal the techniques to harness these technologies in the most efficient and sophisticated way possible.

  • Animate your user interface so your application can provide the dynamic user experience expected on iPhone.
  • Dive deep into the APIs to render interactive 2D and 3D graphics in real-time.
  • Experience the features of the built-in frameworks for playing and recording audio.
  • Understand how your application can support video download and playback.

Which suggests that Apple expect developers (those they’ve let register that is) to make use of audio and video capabilities.


Apple Gazette points out that the WWDC has two streams now. Mac, and iPhone / iPod Touch. What does it mean? Is OSX going to diverge to and branch out to be a real mobile OS? Who knows, still June isn’t long to wait I guess.

iPhone developer rejections

TUAW reports on Apple rejecting iPhone developer registrations! Let’s hope there’s no budding audio specialists being rejected out there.

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