How many apps never get finished?

I was wondering the other day about how many music applications get started and never finished?

Why was I wondering this? Mainly because I had been working on a little drum machine app for ages which has stalled, and although I plan to finish it off you never know.

So how many other apps are there out there which start with good intentions and didn’t get much further? Makes you wonder, and in many ways it is a bit of shame. Not that I’m saying I’d take them on, but it would be great if some of these ideas that didn’t make it got shared out, like a pool of something similar.

Well, maybe …

PixiTracker is great

If you haven’t tried out pixitracker (via pixilang), you really should, it is an excellent little applet. When I get a chance I’ll post a video of it in action.

Brighthand on iPhone StyleTap

Brighthand has an interesting article on views from both DataViz and StyleTap on the iPhone SDK. DataViz being more positive than StyleTap. I think if StyleTap could get their emulator working on the iPhone it would make a big difference for music types.

More Apple UMPC rumours

AppleInsider has another rumour of an Apple UMPC device coming up. Who knows if this is really on the cards, I can’t see it myself as this rumour has been around for a long time.


I saw this and had to post it.

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