Would you switch?

Now that real apps are going to appear on the iPhone platform, what would make you switch?

Would it be:

  • Sequencing
  • DJ Applications
  • MIDI
  • Sampling
  • Synthesis
  • Video
  • All of the above please?
Would you want to run your old Palm applications too? Maybe using something like this from StyleTap?


  1. I would switch in order:1. Better carrier/connectivity options.2. Styletap – I want to run Bhajis!3. Midi that can talk to a serial port, or over wifi. 4. Synthesis

  2. Yep. I think for me it would be an app like Bhajis, but also something that actually makes use of multi-touch and the sensors in the device to make music.I agree on StyleTap, it would make life easier, and I’m with you on the MIDI and synthesis too.

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