There’s a TuneStudio on eBay!

And not a bad price I’d say. Take a look here.

Pixilang Competition ends tomorrow …

I wonder what the entries are going to be like?

Netaudio Taster April 11th

Netaudio have a taster event on the 11th.

Netaudio’08 presents its first Taster event on Friday, 11th April 2008. For the occasion we have prepare a special feat of networked creative production, the Netaudio Ping Pong.

Netaudio Ping Pong is partly music performance partly a game for everyone to join in. It is based on “run around” table tennis, but it ain’t no ball game, instead players can lay hand on some cutting edge technology and produce some wicked beats.

There will be two session at 9pm and 10pm. You are invited to take part and if you book ahead you can even bring along your very own samples loops and sounds. To book your place in the game, send us an email. Please tell us briefly who you are and if you want to contribute some sound material. Note that places are limited, first come – first serve.

Before, between and after the Ping Pong sessions, we have got some wicked Netaudio acts booked. Jon J-Lab and Alex Fisher will play a joint live set as Super Sonic Transport. And with Andi Sparks and Russell Skellon, two residents of Netaudio’08 will play you the hottest of free internet music, flavours range from dubstep, tech-house and dub.

you! -live (takeing part in Netaudio Ping Pong)
SST -live (SST are J-Lab & Alex Fisher)
Russell Skellon (Motronic, run, Netaudio London)
And Sparks (After-Dinner, Netaudio London

When: 11th April 08 8pm-2am
Where: 161-165 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AL
free entry

Sounds fun.

No DS Emulator for Palm soon I think

It seems that Dmitry is not going to be working on this emulator any time soon according to this thread.

Netaudio London

Networked Music Review posts on Netaudio London 08 which is in October this year. looks interesting.

New post on the Korg DS-10 blog in Japanese

I tried using Google translate to understand what this post was about, but to be honest I think I might have been better off reading the Japanese!

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iPhone SDK beta 2 is out

According to TUAW the latest iPhone SDK beta has been released. Before you go downloading, be aware it is a 2.1gb download, and the Apple servers are being hammered.

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