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iPhone SDK to be delayed?

According to this post at Macrumors the SDK could be delayed by a few weeks.

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iBand website

iBand have their own website now. Not much there at the moment, but let’s hope they grow.

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Vito Technology 7 day sale

Vito Technology are celebrating being 7 years old by having a sale of their products for 7 days where each application costs only $7.

Vito have a few apps that might be of interest to Windows Mobile users, such as their metronome, but a couple of apps really stand out (especially at $7).

Vito SoundEditor
This application has a bunch of useful editing functions.

and Vito SoundExplorer
Another application for performing a variety of sound tasks including encoding from WAV to MP3,

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News 21.2.2008

A few news items today:

Windows Mobile and Zune
Brighthand has a post on Windows Mobile and Zune working together more closely, which, in many ways, would make lots of sense, but I wonder if it will happen.

Screens Environment
The long awaited environment seems to be continuing to make headway, there’s a new video on the blog and a couple of posts on progress.

and finally …
Although not related to mobile music, I found this story on Microsoft opening up to third party developers really interesting. It makes me wonder where they are going with this and what it will really mean.

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Support your local CDM !!!

I have to admit that I read CDM and use the forums too. It is a great site and I hope it keeps going. So, if you like CDM, let’s give them a hand.

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Have you tried Bhajis in Live Mode?

If you haven’t tried Bhajis Loops in Live Mode as yet, you really ought to give it a try. I was playing with it to set up some songs for a performance, and I was amazed how flexible it is.

Of course the down side is that if you perform live using only Bhajis Loops it won’t look much like a performance, although you can hardly blame the software for that.

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News 19.2.2008

Some other items of news today:

Brighthand has an interesting article on rumours of a new HP UMPC. I’m still not decided on these things as a real alternative to a PDA, maybe one day.

Gets a good review from MEX (Mobile User Experience) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Another update from screens, although as usual I struggle to get my head around it.

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Tupperware DIY Synths (via Livepa)

Livepa has a great story on these DIY synths from ADACHI Tomomi.

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Some more iPhone / iPod Touch music app videos

iPhone oscillator!

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BeatPhone video

Following on from yesterday’s iBand video I thought I’d see if there were any beatphone videos on YouTube, and of course there are. Here’s one that I quite liked.