If you’re looking to get into music making on the DS platform, here’s a good starter. This package on eBay contains loads of software and homebrew adapter. Here’s what the blurb says:

This older Nintendo DS has been turned into a music machine thanks to some homebrew messing around. I have a Max Media Launcher and GBA movie player to easily play homebrew apps. I also have a 512 MB Compact Flash Card with Nitrotracker already installed as well as some sound samples. I have four games included: Mario Kart DS – a fun racer, Electroplankton – a really interesting music making app. Daigasso! Band Brothers – an import title that lets you control a variety of instruments and play some really cool tunes with its rhythm game, and finally Jam Sessions – this turns your DS into a semi-guitar, noise maker. Real fun! The Nintendo DS works perfectly fine and comes with the original charger as well as a USB ScanDisk device for transferring files into the Compact Flash Card. If you like music making or want to get into Nintendo DS homebrew stuff, check this stuff out!

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