iPhone update but no SDK yet …

Apple have posted a 161mb bug fix update to the iPhone. How many bug fixes can you get in 161mb? Yet, still no news of the promised SDK, and obviously no apps as yet.

They’ve got until Friday. I’m hoping there’s no delays although there are lots of rumours that it is going to be late by a few weeks.

DS Music Package on eBay

If you’re looking to get into music making on the DS platform, here’s a good starter. This package on eBay contains loads of software and homebrew adapter. Here’s what the blurb says:

This older Nintendo DS has been turned into a music machine thanks to some homebrew messing around. I have a Max Media Launcher and GBA movie player to easily play homebrew apps. I also have a 512 MB Compact Flash Card with Nitrotracker already installed as well as some sound samples. I have four games included: Mario Kart DS – a fun racer, Electroplankton – a really interesting music making app. Daigasso! Band Brothers – an import title that lets you control a variety of instruments and play some really cool tunes with its rhythm game, and finally Jam Sessions – this turns your DS into a semi-guitar, noise maker. Real fun! The Nintendo DS works perfectly fine and comes with the original charger as well as a USB ScanDisk device for transferring files into the Compact Flash Card. If you like music making or want to get into Nintendo DS homebrew stuff, check this stuff out!

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