Olympus LS10

Thanks to Chris for the details on this recorder. It does look good. Here’s what SoundonSound have to say:

The LS10 is a portable stereo audio recorder that can capture uncompressed (linear PCM) WAVs at up to 24bit/96kHz. It’s also capable of recording and playing back MP3s and WMA files, and users can even listen back to recordings using built-in stereo speakers. As you can see from the picture, the LS10 has a pair of microphones located at the top of its body, but an external mic can be plugged in via a mini-jack socket on the side of the device. Data can be recorded to the LS10’s 2GB of on-board memory, although there’s a slot for inserting an SD or SDHC card, into which a card of up to 32GB can be inserted.

Front panel controls include the expected play, record, stop and skip features, as well as buttons for entering and navigating menus. An A-B Repeat button enables you to loop a section of audio that’s being played back, making transcribing slightly less painful and mastering that guitar lick a breeze! The large backlit LCD displays a reasonably large bargraph meter, as well as information on the current status of the machine.

Down the sides of the slim aluminium body are thumb wheels for controlling the input and output volume of the device, and switches for adjusting the on-board mics’ sensitivity and engaging an automatic gain control (AGC) function. There’s also a stereo line-level input on mini-jack.

Experimental version of Styletap on the iPod Touch

Before you ask, yes this is for real. The chaps at Styletap left me a comment on my previous post on the subject letting me know about this video, and it looks amazing. If they bring this to market then you could have bhajis loops and microbe running on an iPhone!

iPhone SDK to be delayed?

According to this post at Macrumors the SDK could be delayed by a few weeks.

iBand website

iBand have their own website now. Not much there at the moment, but let’s hope they grow.

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