News 19.2.2008

Some other items of news today:

Brighthand has an interesting article on rumours of a new HP UMPC. I’m still not decided on these things as a real alternative to a PDA, maybe one day.

Gets a good review from MEX (Mobile User Experience) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Another update from screens, although as usual I struggle to get my head around it.

Tupperware DIY Synths (via Livepa)

Livepa has a great story on these DIY synths from ADACHI Tomomi.

Some more iPhone / iPod Touch music app videos

iPhone oscillator!

BeatPhone video

Following on from yesterday’s iBand video I thought I’d see if there were any beatphone videos on YouTube, and of course there are. Here’s one that I quite liked.

Stacks of Pixilang news !!!

Loads of Pixilang news today.

Pixilang up to version 1.41
The pixel orientated environment has moved up to version 1.41. New features are:

  • added region clipping in frame(delay,clip_x,clip_y,clip_xsize,clip_ysize) command;
  • added new command file_dialog(filename,dialogname,mask,id)

A tracker created using Pixilang

Last but not least …

Pixilang competition
Those guys at warmplace have annouced a competition running up to the end of March for the best apps built in Pixilang.

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