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News 18.2.2008

Some news items from today:

TrakAx have news from the Mobile World Congress
Read the story on the TrakAx site. They also have an interview with Loopmasters too today.

Handango 25% off
Handango have a 25% off sale on music / media apps for smartphones. The code is ENTERTAINMENT25.

Mobile Sound Blog
I stumbled over this blog today, and I thought you might find it interesting, if a little academic.

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iAno, Piano for the iPhone

Having seen the iBand in action I had to find something on their ‘iAno’, which looks very cool indeed.

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iBand …

You’ve gotta watch this. Here’s the shape of things to come …

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Did you know …

That if you Google “Palm Sounds” the blog comes up as the top pick in a google search! Amazing.

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