My most popular video

I was amazed when I logged in to YouTube to find that this video (of mine) had over 1300 views ! I couldn’t believe it.

Well, I hope to have more experiment videos soon.

Colartz on AntixLab demo

Tim Cole has an interesting post on the AntixLab technology demo. Now the demo is gaming related, but if they can run a single binary on multiple platforms then that would be worth having for mobile music applications.

Transient has a New Bhajis release: ‘Fascinating Earthbound Objects’

Check it out at his site.

Will UMPCs take over handheld music making?

If UMPCs take off in a serious way do you think they’ll take over from the PDA in terms of music making? In many ways a UMPC can do all the things that a PDA can do as well as running like a laptop too, so if the size and form factor was right, would you swap your PDA for a UMPC?

Why no ZuneStudio?

Ok it took Belkin a year to finally ship the TuneStudio, but it made me wonder why there was no such device for the Zune? No sure the Zune has nowhere near the market share for the iPod range, but surely people must see an opportunity and want to exploit it?

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