I posted on Capers a while ago, and I still have hopes that it will one day see the light of day, but I wonder in what form. The original pages for Capers stated:

Capers runs on the PalmOS and all compatible devices (Palm Pilots, IBM Workpads, Handspring Visors) are able to use it. The intended goal of Capers is to create a “replacement music operating system” for the Palm, in effect generating a handheld music platform rather than a group of applications.

I find that a really interesting idea. I like the thought of having a whole mobile OS that you could use on a handheld to replace the entire operating system. I still hope that one day it will surface in one form or another, and Brian Whitman did hint at it when he finally released his pushpin MIDI software, so maybe it will come about.

So if it did get released would you buy a Palm just to run capers?

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