News 13.2.2008

Here’s today’s news so far:

Rapid Movie 2.0
PalmInfocenter have the news that Ransoft have release version 2.0 of their stop motion app Rapid Movie. Version 2.0 makes the app compatible with the Zire 72 and Centro.

I love stop motion stuff and I think Ransoft are a good software house. It is worth taking a look at their site as they have a number of freeware apps too.

Orange to release ALP Phone
Brighthand has a story on Orange announcing the release of what I think will be the first ALP (Access Linux Platform) phone this summer. This will be interesting to see how existing Palm applications fair on ALP and what developers can come up with for the new platform.

Moving Androids
Brighthand again has a story on the first bunch of Android powered phones announced. Interesting against the backdrop of the Vodaphone CEO asking for fewer operating systems for phones!

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