News 11.2.2008

There’s a few bits and pieces of news today.

Mobile Music Workshop
This year’s workshop is in Vienna. There’s just one more week available for submissions to the workshop if you’re interested. For more visit the workshop site.

There’s a 15% off sale during Feb at PocketSelect. I wasn’t particularly aware of them before, but they have 4Pockets stuff on their portal so they must be

Earman 2.0
RoGame software have update their ear training software Earman up to version 2.0. I couldn’t really tell what had changed though.

PDA 24/7 Review of Scrapbook
This caught my attention in terms of having a useful way of capturing notes and ideas. Whilst I’m not big on note taking applications, sometimes one turn up that is actually worth looking at, and often I think that all my ideas and thoughts need a bit more organising. The review can be found here.

iPod Studio Idea
I’ve never ploughed through the forums at iLounge before, but this popped up the other day, and I thought it was worth sharing. On the face of it I wouldn’t have thought that it would be a difficult game type application for for iPod Classics and 5th Gens.

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