Thanks Pete, and all the best with the Noatikl.

Hi! Pete here again from intermorphic. 🙂

Just for historical information really, miniMIXA V3 had an XY-control in it. We always wanted to have that output MIDI controller data via an external MIDI port… but the right device drivers were never around at the time. So it only worked on internal synths/effects. Oh well!

On a related note, noatikl V1.5 (which is now out) in addition to being used as a MIDI generator, can itself respond to incoming MIDI events, and can even self-script using internal triggerable Lua scripts. 🙂 If I ever do another mobile app, I’ll definitely look to include these sorts of ideas, as it’d be wonderful to build this sort of stuff into mobile devices…!

All the best, Pete

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