I was wondering what the QY series of modules would look like if Yamaha were to make them today? I think that in their day they were great devices, and still work really well today, but if they made them now what would they do?

I’d hope for something like the size of the Boss Micro BR with a full touch screen and functionality like that of Bhajis Loops + Griff + a multi-track recorder too (of course).

What would I like to pay for it? Maybe £250 – £300? More for the right level of functionality.

So why isn’t anyone doing something like this? Or am I missing something?


  1. I agree. Can’t believe they’ve stopped developing them… Was hoping for a QY100 with multitrack audio recording by now. Why did they stop?


  2. I used to have QY20 and 300, but sold them. Now I have QY100. All great machines that make music composition a lot easier than PCs. They were designed for musicians, and you do not have to turn on a PC to create music. Some developments would have been nice: I’d mix the good features of 100 and 700, plus some extras, like usb slot. I like them.


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