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Thanks to Pete for this comment on the Mobile Music Directory today. I appreciate the comments.

Hi! Pete here from intermorphic. Keep up the great work BTW, I keep coming back to your site for inspiration! 🙂

I think it’d be nice for nostalgic reasons to list mobile apps that have inspired you in some way, that are no longer available. miniMIXA would obviously get my vote – that was one *awesome* piece of kit, you wouldn’t believe what we packed into V3. Did I ever mention that, amongst other things, it actually included a video mixing mode and a media player? 🙂 Ah, happy days…!

A few things come to mind on this comment:

1. Yes you’re right, I need to update the Mobile Music Directory, it hasn’t had any attention in a while.

2. I think you’re idea for a list of mobile apps that are no longer available but that were inspiring is a good idea and I’ll give it some thought.

3. I wish I’d bought miniMIXA when I had a chance, but even more than that I wish it was still around so people (including me) could see V3 because it sounded fantastic. The sad thing is that since Tao went under I expect the intellectual property will never be released. What a shame. Something like that should be let back to the developers, or even make it open source if no one wants to take it on.

Ok, rant over, for now at least.

Once final thought on the subject, whatever you do, if there’s a mobile application you’re thinking of buying, but you’re holding out for the next version or update, or whatever, don’t. Buy it now, in case it isn’t there tomorrow.

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