More MIDI Controller thoughts (from yuhki)

yuhki started me thinking about this stuff, so I thought that I’d post a bit of an update.

I was playing with AxisPad today using my TRG Pro and Yamaha MU15, which makes a great combination for making noises. The MU15 is a lovely tone module, but I wanted to try using AxisPad as a controller more than an instrument.

I realised that that wasn’t as easy as I’d thought. Then I realised that AxisPad was based on the original Theremini / Theremidi from Pete Moss. Now on his site it claims that Theremidi has more features than the Korg Kaos Pad.

Now, I haven’t tried the app as yet, but I will, and then I’ll post again.

What would make you change platforms?

Perhaps I don’t mean change, but rather adopt a new platform. I remember when I first found out about Griff I decided to buy a pocket PC, and was amazed by the range of music software available for it.

I wonder what would make me branch out into another platform again? What software, or hardware would make it really worthwhile? I think it would have to be a real step change, something vastly different from what I have and use now.

So what would make you jump?

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