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Musical terms database on the iPhone / iPod Touch

Bearden’s Music Terms now available on the iPhone / iPod Touch.


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Redlfy Mobile Companion (via Brighthand)

At first I didn’t think too much of this when I saw it. It looked much like the fabled Foleo from Palm although a bit more plastic and less robust. Then I started to think that it could in fact be a bit more interesting, as according to Brighthand it extends the Windows Mobile device not just be adding a bigger screen and keyboard and mouse, but also USB ports. Now, that could be a little bit more interesting, as it could be fun to extend the use of some of the best Windows Mobile apps via a keyboard?

I’m guessing that the apps might have to be adjusted to accept a USB keyboard, but it is a nice thought nonetheless.

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Bent 2008 (via GetLoFi)

The open call for BENT 2008 has gone out. Check GetLoFi for more information.

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TuneStudio special price: $249.99

The TuneStudio page has been updated (again) and now shows the “special discounted price” as $249.99, which although higher than the first quoted price of $180 is lower than the last price on the site of $399.

It is worth noting that I first posted on the TuneStudio on the 7th of Jan 2007. It’ll be interesting to see if the TuneStudio makes it to the market within a year of the first announcement.

I’m hoping that the delay won’t have been just about ensuring compatibility with more models of iPod but about enhancing the hardware and functionality too. I guess we’ll have to see what they eventually deliver.