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Asus UMPC (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has this post on an upcoming UMPC from Asus. Given that according to the article it is the size of a PSP it looks fairly amazing for the size.

Now if Apple had announced something like this yesterday I would have been over the moon.

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Clever Parrot site has vanished

Sadly it looks like Clever Parrot, a site dedicated to developing PNOs for developing media rich Palm application has vanished, which is a real shame as there aren’t many developers left for the palm platform.

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Screens Environment: Continuing progress

Screens is moving along at a rapid pace now. I hope there’ll be something to play with soon.

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Everex Cloudbook (via livePA)

LivePA has this post a the Everex Cloudbook. Now that’s a bit more like what I would want with a small device.

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OT: MacBook Air – Nice but not what I was hoping for

Apple have unveiled the world’s thinest laptop. I have to admit it is a nice looking piece of kit. Never mind, maybe something will turn up with the WWDC?

Of course they’ve made some updates to the iPhone and iPod Touch too, but nothing amazing. The SDK is still on track for February so we’ll just have to wait for that.

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20% off at Palm Software Connection

Palm Software connection has a sitewide sale with 20% off. Just use NYSALE20 at the checkout.

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(NOT) a MacBook Air (via TUAW)

No, this isn’t real, I found it on TUAW and thought it was worth putting up.

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MacBook Air?

Lots of the Apple sites have been reporting on the MacWorld teaser line “There’s something in the air”, and rumours of a device called the MacBook Air. Allegedly the device will be an ultra thin laptop and not the PDA / Newton replacement that people have been hoping for.

Personally I hope that they do something in the UMPC space, but we won’t have to wait long, as it is less than a day now to the keynote.

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Palm OS II devices in 2009 (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has an article on the next OS from Palm, rumoured to be called “Nova”. Apparently devices running the new Linux based OS won’t be around until early 2009.

My bet is that it will be late, and that the new devices will be smartphones only. I just can’t see Palm going back to the traditional PDA format, which is a real sham.

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Things you shouldn’t see …

I found this on a forum thread on KVR Audio. Something that always makes me sad. Software projects that don’t end up going anywhere but look fantastic at the start. What a great shame, this one looked fantastic.

The other one I found one another forum, although I’m not sure if it isn’t the same project, again ended without anything to show, which is a massive shame.