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MicroTrack II (from jeffs)

Thanks to jeffs for this information on issues with the MicroTrack II

Hi there, just posting a note to say that I have received the MiroTrack II and I love it, WHEN IT WORKS! That’s right, it keeps freezing and I just got off the phone with M-Audio… apparently it’s an issue affecting some units with the firmware and they are aware of it. Both the original firmware 1.0 and the December update 1.0.1 are affected. They are working to correct it but I cannot seem to find any mention online of other users experiencing this problem so I thought I would try to spread out some information.

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DScratch continues to move forward

Another DScratch video, and an update on his google site too.

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Styletap on the iPhone / iPod Touch?

I was seeing if there was anything new at the StyleTap site, and found this in their faq.

Q: “Is there a version of StyleTap for the Apple iPhone?”
A: “Not at this time, but we are actively investigating the technical feasibility.”

Now, that would be great wouldn’t it, if you could run Bhajis Loops on your iPhone. Who knows, maybe one day.

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Is the PDA dead or just about to resurface?

1src has a really interesting article on the PDA’s supposed decline, and how manufacturers are starting a renewed interest in the format.

Add to that the recent comment by Apple that they see the iPod Touch as more than just an advanced media player and more like a new mobile platform, and the impending release of the SDK for this new platform, and you start to have some real momentum behind the old “PDA” format.

Add to that the fact that Microsoft wants to have Windows Mobile as a real consumer band, and the interest in mobile technology seems to be becoming a reality.

From a mobile music perspective I would have to say that the Apple platform is the most attractive, if they can get the SDK right and developers can make real applications for the platform.

It is an interesting start to 2008.

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We want more plug ins!

I think there is a real gap in the market for more plug ins for Bhajis Loops and Griff. I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that if a developer were to release a set (however small) or even a single plug in for one of these apps I would dive in and buy it almost immediately, and I would guess that there are lots of others who would do the same.

So, why no takers?

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Why do so many mobile music projects fail?

Last week I wrote a post on these two music apps that never got anywhere. This one was originally a MIDI controller.

And this was to be a whole new music app.

Neither saw the light of day, which is a real shame. I’m guessing that these are not the only projects that never got off the ground.

So I was thinking, why is this the case? Why are there so many good software developers out there who start projects and then can’t finish them.

It made me remember a comment by Pete Cole of Intermorphic (ex Tao Group) who said that mobile music apps where the most complex things to do. I can believe that, but it is still a real shame even so.

I wish we could set up somewhere where developers could store the projects they’ve decided to shelve so that someone else could take them on if they wanted to at a later date. At least that way there might be some hope for some of these excellent ideas.

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iPhone Guitar (via OneTonneMusic)

OnetonneMusic picks up this story of a new music app for the iPhone.

Now, it isn’t a new idea. This has been around on the Pocket PC and DS for a while now, but it is good to see it come to the iPhone. I hope it is the first in a long line of music apps for the iPhone.

4 comments on “Screens Environment: Continuing progress continues to amaze me”

Screens Environment: Continuing progress continues to amaze me

Screens is really off topic for Palm Sounds, but it has to be said that as so many projects don’t get finished it is good to hear of something going on that is making some progress.

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A couple of new pocket recorders

FutureMusic has a couple of stories on new pocket recorders. One from Yamaha called the the Pocketrak 2G, a compact recorder featuring 2GB of built-in memory, easy USB file transfer, and Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software.

The other is the snappily named Sony ICDUX70 and ICDUX80 digital recorders / portable MP3 players. These new models have 1GB / 2GB respectively of internal storage space and a USB 2.0 port for transferring and recharging.

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Why no more iPod music games?

I was thinking about Phase, the iPod game, and wondering why there aren’t more music related games for the iPod platform? The interface is simple and easy and there are lots of possibilities. Why not a kind of electroplankton for the iPod where you can adapt to interact with the music on your iPod using an interface like that of electroplankton?

Or for that matter something like Jam Sessions? Play along to your fav tracks?

Perhaps we’ll see more thing like this once the iPhone /iPod Touch SDK is released into the wild and more developers can start to make interesting things for that platform. I do hope so.

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