iLounge reviews the TuneStudio

Here are not only some good quality pictures of the tunestudio but also some interesting first impressions.

More on Apple’s SDK

Interesting speculation on the iPhone / iPod Touch’s SDK on iLounge.

Hercules Wireless DJ controller

Maybe a contender for Pacemaker when it arrives?

MicroTrack II: More problems (from Jason)

Could be a fix on the M-Audio MicroTrack II?

Hi man,

Myself and a lot of other people have been having the same problem. I actually lost a valuable 4 hour live set that I recorded due to the unit freezing when I tried to save the file 😦

I just spoke to M-Audio Tech-Support and they were very helpful. On the website there is a new driver released January 25th.

When you search for new drivers click the box that says “show beta versions” and download the new beta driver “Version: 1.0.4 BETA (BETA)”.

I’m going to test it out, I’ll give an update. I hope it works cause I love everything the Microtrack II has to offer.


We’ll have to wait to hear how it goes.

MicroTrack II: More problems (from Jason)

Thanks to Jason for this on the MicroTrack II. It seems that there are very real problems with the device.

I just bought and used the MicroTrack II at 2 events this weekend.

The 1st night the recording was perfect.

The 2nd night I recorded a 4 hour set. Everything was running smooth until the end where the unit froze which of course made me lose everything!

I didn’t know I was spending $400 for a product that is still in Beta-Testing.

Extremely upset and disappointed is an understatement in regards to the “Freeze” error with this product.

So now what happens? Every time I use this item I have to worry about it actually working? This is BS!

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