MicroTrack II (from jeffs)

Thanks to jeffs for this information on issues with the MicroTrack II

Hi there, just posting a note to say that I have received the MiroTrack II and I love it, WHEN IT WORKS! That’s right, it keeps freezing and I just got off the phone with M-Audio… apparently it’s an issue affecting some units with the firmware and they are aware of it. Both the original firmware 1.0 and the December update 1.0.1 are affected. They are working to correct it but I cannot seem to find any mention online of other users experiencing this problem so I thought I would try to spread out some information.


  1. Hi man,Myself and a lot of other people have been having the same problem. I actually lost a valuable 4 hour live set that I recorded due to the unit freezing when I tried to save the file 🙁I just spoke to M-Audio Tech-Support and they were very helpful. On the website there is a new driver released January 25th.When you search for new drivers click the box that says “show beta versions” and download the new beta driver “Version: 1.0.4 BETA (BETA)”.I’m going to test it out, I’ll give an update. I hope it works cause I love everything the Microtrack II has to offer.Jason

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