Why do so many mobile music projects fail?

Last week I wrote a post on these two music apps that never got anywhere. This one was originally a MIDI controller.

And this was to be a whole new music app.

Neither saw the light of day, which is a real shame. I’m guessing that these are not the only projects that never got off the ground.

So I was thinking, why is this the case? Why are there so many good software developers out there who start projects and then can’t finish them.

It made me remember a comment by Pete Cole of Intermorphic (ex Tao Group) who said that mobile music apps where the most complex things to do. I can believe that, but it is still a real shame even so.

I wish we could set up somewhere where developers could store the projects they’ve decided to shelve so that someone else could take them on if they wanted to at a later date. At least that way there might be some hope for some of these excellent ideas.

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