Why no more iPod music games?

I was thinking about Phase, the iPod game, and wondering why there aren’t more music related games for the iPod platform? The interface is simple and easy and there are lots of possibilities. Why not a kind of electroplankton for the iPod where you can adapt to interact with the music on your iPod using an interface like that of electroplankton?

Or for that matter something like Jam Sessions? Play along to your fav tracks?

Perhaps we’ll see more thing like this once the iPhone /iPod Touch SDK is released into the wild and more developers can start to make interesting things for that platform. I do hope so.

Asus UMPC (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has this post on an upcoming UMPC from Asus. Given that according to the article it is the size of a PSP it looks fairly amazing for the size.

Now if Apple had announced something like this yesterday I would have been over the moon.

Clever Parrot site has vanished

Sadly it looks like Clever Parrot, a site dedicated to developing PNOs for developing media rich Palm application has vanished, which is a real shame as there aren’t many developers left for the palm platform.

Screens Environment: Continuing progress

Screens is moving along at a rapid pace now. I hope there’ll be something to play with soon.

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