OT: MacBook Air – Nice but not what I was hoping for

Apple have unveiled the world’s thinest laptop. I have to admit it is a nice looking piece of kit. Never mind, maybe something will turn up with the WWDC?

Of course they’ve made some updates to the iPhone and iPod Touch too, but nothing amazing. The SDK is still on track for February so we’ll just have to wait for that.

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  1. Ahh the mysterious device everyone was pinning for but no one would have been satisfied with no matter what. While the MBA looks nice I am very confused with the concept Apple is going with here. In order to take advantage of the processing power in something like that you are going to want more harddrive space and a disk drive. That being said for something that I think is supposed to be supplemental and an “office on the road”, email and internet device, you don’t need that much processing power. Especially at $1800. You get way more for the Macbook or Macbook Pro, especially when the actually footprint is exactly the same as a Macbook and nearly the same as a Macbook Pro.It may be just me but my idea of an ultra portable is not to have a full on laptop, but rather to have an email/web/blogging/office machine that I can throw into the messanger bag. Here is my dream ultra-portableGive it a 7″ screen. Heck give it the OLPC screen with the resolution capabilities, but also the “e-ink” display. Make it low powered and low power consuming so I can do my basic computing on it. Make it open like a laptop, but then also make it where you can just keep opening it all the way back until the back of the keyboard hits the back the screen. Boom! Instant e-book reader. Have the keyboard disable except for the space bar on the back when you do this and now you have your page turning button. In my dream world it would be a touch screen as well.

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