UMPC runs Transmission (via CDM)

CDM has this story on a Samsung UMPC running the software distribution for the Trinity Audio device. It does look very cool indeed, I just wish that Apple would make something like this. Maybe next week?

More on Belkin’s Podcast Studio

Both Wired and Engadget pick up the Belkin Podcast Studio story. Nothing particularly new from either, but the $100 dollar price tag is so far consistent, although I have no doubt that it will go up.

Dual Screen Apple Device? (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has a rumour on a new dual screen apple tablet device for MacWorld next week. It is a great rumour and I’d love to think it was true, but I can’t see it at the moment. Who knows, I guess we’ll have to wait and see next week.

Screens Environment: Porting to Palm OS

Screens is starting to port over to Palm OS. Although early it is quite encouraging.


CDM picked this story of an album by Gary Kibler made solely using the kaosillator. Nice.

Redlfy Mobile Companion first impressions (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has an update on this Windows Mobile companion device. One of the important things that comes out is the lack of support for multimedia in terms of video screen size and the fact that there are no speakers on the device. Never mind, perhaps they’ll do that in a later version.

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