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Belkin Podcast Studio this Spring? (via Futuremusic

FutureMusic has this report on another new iPod related device. This time specifically designed around podcasts. Futuremusic has this at a starting price of $100, but if the TuneStudio is anything to go by it will be double that by the time it comes out.

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VL-Tone Rip Off on eBay

This is a fairly rare rip off version of the classic VL-Tone from Casio. Note the stereo speakers. Interesting that it in no way outputs stereo sound!

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Guy creates Guitar Hero Turntable controller

Ok, a bit off topic, but kind of in the spirit of mobile music. This chap decided he wanted a turntable controller, so he made one!

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TuneStudio press release

It is 1 year from the date I started posting on TuneStudio to the day they have issued a press release saying it is available. The price is $399, which is way to much considering that they started off with a price tag of $180!!!

Anyway I checked Amazon to see if they had it listed, and they did. For pre-order, with a release date of 1/3/2008 !

Rant over.

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CDM not happy at Pacemaker cost ($700)

CDM have picked up on the price for the Pacemaker device. I think that I have to agree that $700 is a lot of cash, but lets hope it comes down after a while.

0 comments on “PocketPicks includes TrakAx in their top 5 of 2007”

PocketPicks includes TrakAx in their top 5 of 2007

PocketPicks include TrakAx as one of their top Windows Mobile apps of the year, and I think I would agree with them.

Don’t forgot that the TrakAx competition is still on if you want to enter.

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