TuneStudio in 2007

Probably the biggest dissappointment of 2007 has been the TuneStudio. Announced in January this year and back then we were told that it would be available in the summer. Well the summer came and went, and even though it won various awards it still hasn’t seen the light of day.

The other thing that bothers me is the price rises. Originally it was announced at $180, and is now on the Belkin site at $399, which is a really big jump.

When it was first announced the TuneStudio looked like such a cool idea such an excellent way to extend your iPod, but perhaps events and iPod design overtook Belkin. Now their site shows the following for compatibility:

TuneStudio is currently
compatible with:

iPod classic: 80GB 160GB
iPod nano (3rd generation) 4GB 8GB
iPod 5th generation (video) 30GB 60GB 80GB
iPod nano (2nd generation) 2GB 4GB 8GB

So if it does ever become available, will it sell with the latest price tag of $399? Well, I might have gone for one at $180 – $200 but not at $399. Let’s face it, you could buy quite a lot in terms of mixing for $399, in fact you could buy an Alesis iMultimix 8 for $299.

Although not as portable as the TuneStudio it is more functional.

So, I hope they do something about it and finally bring it to market, and reduce the price. I’d love to see them pull something really unexpected out of the bag for TuneStudio, but most of all I hope it isn’t one of those products that never makes it out to consumers.

Another screens environment update

Another screens update. Let’s really hope he is getting moving now.

20% off Palm titles at PocketGear

Although I have to say that I am not overly impressed with how the new PocketGear has dumped all the freeware off the site, here are a few things you might want to use you 20% discount on:

Wave Edit Pro is worth a look, and comes in a number of different versions.

miniMusic NotePad which is excellent for notation and includes a MIDI export.

So, there are a couple for starters. The offer is open until the 19th of December.

Griff Yahoo group closes

I got an email today from the old Yahoo group for Griff. It is now closing and all traffic should go to the Griff Forum.

Mixx Mobile: Updated to version 1.8

Mixx Mobile has been updated to version 1,8 on the “classic” pocketgear site, although I can’t really see what’s been updated with it accept perhaps for new installers.

Capers could see the light of day?

I noticed that my comment on Brian Whitman’s Pushpin release had got published, and so I read the whole post again and noticed this:

“During the summer of 2000 I went through a sort of decompensation that resulted in my sitting on one of those Amtrak NYC->Boston trains that somehow go through Springfield MA and take roughly $34 in box Amtrak dining car wine to get there. On the tray table was my trusty Palm VII, the same one that supported earlier developments as Egg Timer, Hedgehog (and baby Hedgehog), Tractor Pull and the nascent Capers API (more on these later) — head to head, kissing IR sensors with my prized clear purple Gameboy Color (aka “Tetris DX Machine.”)”

So, I wonder if the “… more on these later …” comment could mean

a) A release of workable capers applets for OS5 Palm devices?
b) A full release of capers as an OS replacement for Palm OS4 devices?
c) A release of the capers code for other developers to take on?

Ideally I’d love to see a or b, but c would be fine too.

Screens: another update

Things seem to be going well again, which is encouraging.

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