Chimera Synthesis bC16 (via Livepa)

Livepa has this story on a new synth the size of a CD! It looks fantastic. Here’s what the Chimera Synthesis site says about it.

“Chimera Synthesis is rolling out it’s first product! The bC16 miniature patch synthesizer wraps up a fully featured VCO, LFO, 24dB VCF, VCA, ADSR envelope generator, noise source, ring modulator and headphone amplifier all in a crisp, white, round, CNC machined acrylic housing the same diameter as compact disc. Powered from two 9V batteries the bC16 can be used on it’s own, with a MIDI-CV converter (not supplied, see the forth coming SM16), attached to other bC16’s and so on. Being a patch synthesizer almost infinitely expands the range and control of sounds created, bC16’s can be intergrated with other pieces of equipment, used to process signals, and even used to generate and/or respond to control signals from other synthesizers/audio kit.”

Being such a tiny synth, it would seem only appropriate to run it off a tiny sequencer, like a PDA!

Pacemaker community and competition

I got another email, this time from They’re launching their own community site and have made available their beta software for Mac and Windows. They’re also launching a commpetition:

“All beta testers that publish mixes before February will automatically enter the contest to win a Pacemaker for free. We’re reserving ten Pacemakers for those of you guys that we think deserve them. More about the contest shortly.”

Well worth entering for the chance to win a Pacemaker for free.

PlanetGriff sends Seasons Greetings

I am guessing that a number of you got an email from PlanetGriff sending seasons greetings. Very nice too.

The also have a list of all their plug-ins available, and apparently pSyn is their No. 1 download of the month.

I think it would be even better if they made some new ones for Griff, that’d be a great Christmas present!

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