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Well done 4Pockets!

Well done to 4Pockets for willing two of the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine awards.

The winning products are:
Virtual Recorder in the “Audio Recorder” category
Pocket RTA Professional in the “DSP/Sound Enhancement” Category.

Bill Muir, MD of Limelight said “We are extremely proud of these awards, not only because it recognises the excellence of our products but also because they have been nominated by the users of the products and judged by a team of some of the most renowned people in the Pocket PC and Smartphone industry. The whole team is delighted and we send ours thanks out to everyone who nominated and voted for us.”

Well done 4Pockets, keep up the great applications!

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Brian Whitman releases Pushpin MIDI Music Synth for Game Boy Color

I have to say that I didn’t expect Brian Whitman to release that. I do find it encouraging that maybe he’ll even finish off what he started with the Capers environment / operating system for Palm OS. Now that would be really interesting.

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This is a little video of sQeeQ. A random pattern generator for Palm OS from the Sound Toys series from Palm Sounds. It can be downloaded from PalmGear.

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TrakAx 2nd experiment

I am really getting to like this application. I made this video using TrakAx mobile. I shot a series of video clips and put them into TrakAx mobile. I added some music made with Griff and then edited the mix in “live” mode on TrakAx. It was really simple to do, and actually a lot of fun.

TrakAx allows you to perform simple editing on the clips, and then create your mix selecting what parts of each clip to include.

I am going to write up a complete review of this application soon with some screenshots and a lot more detail. Until then, I hope you enjoy this little video.

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Harmonix Phase review

I have been playing this game for a few days now and I have to admit that it has grown on me. I must start by saying that I am not a massive games player. I think that I am becoming a casual game player, if that in fact makes sense. All that having been said I am starting to enjoy this, and the musical element is a major factor in that.

According to the Apple site “The notes’ placement on the path matches the beat of the music, but you encounter tighter bunches of them on higher difficulty settings. You also need to fill more stars before the next checkpoint during tougher games, leaving you little margin for error. The crowd goes wild every time you pass through a checkpoint, so keep them happy”, and I’d go along with that more or less, although it is more pronounced on some songs.

I like the fact that the game is noticeably different depending on the song that you are playing to / with. It does feel like you are really doing something with the music on some tracks, and that was quite good fun. Having said all of that it isn’t going to hold your attention for a long time. I’m guessing that for more serious gamers that me (and that doesn’t take much) Phase will not hold much interest for very long.

Is it worth £3.99. Yes, I’d say it is. It has made a dull train journey more fun this week, and I expect that is the kind of use it will be put to going forward.

Is it a serious step towards interactive music on the iPod platforms as CDM has suggested? I don’t know, at present I can’t see it. I think it would be great if Harmonix made more music based games for iPods, and I’d certainly give them a try, but I would have thought that more developers would be looking to the iPod Touch / iPhone SDK in 2008 rather than focus on the older iPod platforms. Stiil, that’s just my view.

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Kaosillator in the UK

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Pete Cole’s blog and intermorphic

Just a quick note as I read Pete Cole’s blog about the release of their two new apps (non mobile currently). I wish them all the best with their generative applications and hope to see mobile versions one day.

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Musika (iPod game)

This game got very bad reviews on the iTunes store so I should really have know better than to buy it. But I did anyway, and I have to say that the reviews weren’t wrong at all.

As far as games go it isn’t going to win any awards. However, the graphics are very good and it seems to have been well put together.

As far as play is concerned it isn’t going to keep your attention for long, and I mean not long at all. The focus of the game is to press the centre button on the iPod whenever you see a letter from the title of the track that is playing. So far so good. But if the track is “This” by Brian Eno, then it doesn’t really make for an interesting game session.

Verdict: 1 out 10.

Really not worth the £3.99 at all.

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Palm TX special offer on US palm store $199 !!!

Brighthand report that the Palm TX is on special offer at the US palm store for $199! That is amazingly cheap, especially for the palm store. I wonder if they’ll do the same in the UK where it is currently £235 for a similar deal?

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Circuit bent Leapfrog learning system

I guess that the leapfrog is a bit like a children’s PDA, or am I stretching a point too far? Anyway, take a look…

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