Larva Labs apps for T-Mobile Sidekick

A big thank you to Jeremy for this. It isn’t often that you get news of a new mobile music application, but even less often do you get news of 5!

These are from Larva Labs and according to their PDF are all destined for the T-Mobile sidekick platform, which is not one I know much about at all. Anyway, here’s what they have to say about their forthcoming applications:

KickSynth is a 10 track MIDI music production studio for your phone. It includes over 100 instruments and a full drum kit. Copy/paste/transpose support along with shuffle mode, tempo control and dynamics are included. Create songs
up to 5 minutes in length and email them to your friends.

KickMix is a fully functional set of DJ turntables that allows you to DJ your MP3s right on your phone. Cross fade, pitch shift, backspins, beat matching, beat juggling – it’s all possible with KickMix.

Kick Drum Old School is the next edition of the popular drum machine that lets you write beats on your phone. It
comes with five full drum kits, including two new old school sets, and a human beat box! Sounds can be played both forward and reverse, with funky results. You can create double-length beats. Of course, the original Kick Drum features are still supported: tempo range from 50 to 300 BPM, soft and hard drum hits, and a shuffle mode, email your beat for
listening and editing by your friends.

AudioLab+ lets you record up to 30 seconds of audio through the built in mic, then edit it, apply effects and send it to your friends. Ask your friends the name of the song you’re hearing, or just send fart sounds like we know you want to. This new version triples the record time, increases the save limit, and includes more effects.

BeatLab is a mobile beat generator that can cut up, rework and generate beats on the fly to give you new ideas and inspiration. Use a bunch of “mutators” to change your beats in surprising ways, or take two separate beats and slam ’em together to create something totally unexpected. Email it all to your friends so they can mess with them too. Fully compatible with Kick Drum Old School beats.

These all look interesting to me, but I know nothing about the platform at all. I will have to get in touch with the developer to see what they’ve got planned.

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