Industry updates

Thanks to Hayden for a number of industry updates:

The Khronos group has recently released its free open starndard OpenSL ES api (sound programming api for mobile devices). This looks really quite interesting as it appears quite comprehensive and spans all manner of devices.

Hayden did an interview with Nathan Charles from the Khronos group about the API, which sheds a lot more light on where they have got to and what they want to achieve.

The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group recently released its Mobile Audio Working Group report, which has many recommendations for manufacturers to better support audio capability in phones.
I’ve only just started reading this report, but it is quite interesting, and gives you some idea of why developing mobile music applications can prove so difficult and costly.

Lastly, SoniVox contributed their JET sound engine for the Google Open Handset Alliance Andriod operating system. Here’s some of the things that mobile application and game developers can deploy using JET:

* Rhythm Matching Games
* Music Driven Games
* Real-time Mobile Musical Instruments
* Music Remixers
* Adaptive Music Scores
* Algorithmic song generation
* Synchronized music and sound effects with graphic events and gameplay
* Significant MIDI song compression — hours of music in just a few Kbytes
* and more

So maybe Android will have more to offer for music than I thought.

Once again, thanks to Hayden for the updates. If you have news please email palm sounds.

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