TrakAx Mobile reviews appearing

The TrakAx site has an initial reviews round up post on their blog, including the Palm Sounds videos.

I’ll be doing a more comprehensive review of TrakAx before the end of the year.

Well done 4Pockets!

Well done to 4Pockets for willing two of the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine awards.

The winning products are:
Virtual Recorder in the “Audio Recorder” category
Pocket RTA Professional in the “DSP/Sound Enhancement” Category.

Bill Muir, MD of Limelight said “We are extremely proud of these awards, not only because it recognises the excellence of our products but also because they have been nominated by the users of the products and judged by a team of some of the most renowned people in the Pocket PC and Smartphone industry. The whole team is delighted and we send ours thanks out to everyone who nominated and voted for us.”

Well done 4Pockets, keep up the great applications!

Brian Whitman releases Pushpin MIDI Music Synth for Game Boy Color

I have to say that I didn’t expect Brian Whitman to release that. I do find it encouraging that maybe he’ll even finish off what he started with the Capers environment / operating system for Palm OS. Now that would be really interesting.


This is a little video of sQeeQ. A random pattern generator for Palm OS from the Sound Toys series from Palm Sounds. It can be downloaded from PalmGear.

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