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Digital Pen Studio

Thanks very much to Peter for sending in this post from AudioLemon.

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Palm VM for Nokia Tablet

Lots of sites and blogs have this story aboue the Access Garnet Virtual Machine for Nokia Internet Tablets.

So now you can use palm applications on Nokia, Windows Mobile, and soon on Symbian. Oh yes, and on Palm devices too!

The Garnet VM also supports hotsync and networking, which is more than Styletap, and is quite impressive.

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Music Thing on Pixilang

Thanks to music thing for picking up on the pixilang story, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of applets get produced.

If you make any do send details / pictures / video to palm dot sounds at mac dot com.

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Video coming to iPhone?

MacRumors has in interesting rumour that video recording will be coming to the iPhone. Could be interesting, I wonder what else Apple have up their sleeves?

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