Phase: iPod Music Game

Phase is a new iPod music game. Here’s what iLounge has to say about it:

“It’s unusual to see Apple note that one of the major reasons for an iTunes update is to add features to support a game, but MTV Networks/Viacom’s Phase ($5) was singled out for such attention in iTunes 7.5. Developed by Harmonix, makers of popular rhythm games for full-fledged game consoles, the 67.5MB title carries the tagline “your music is the game,” and creates levels based on the songs you add to a special iTunes playlist called Phase Music. Once you’ve selected a song, a 3-D road appears on the screen, with discs and dots floating towards you. Your goal is to tap the Click Wheel’s left, center, and right buttons to match the current positions of discs that are moving towards the bottom of the screen, and slide your finger on the Click Wheel to catch “flowing sweeps” of dots that appear inbetween the discs. The more discs and dots you catch, the better you do, and the better your chance of making it through each of the checkpoints in a given song/level. Make it through all of the checkpoints and you win the level. The screenshots here show the game frozen in time, as well as how it looks in motion.”

Here are some more screen shots:

For £3.99 I might just as well give it a go I suppose.

Is chip music dead?

Micro-Scale thinks not, but what do you think?

Apple Tablet?

AppleInsider has claims of an OSX based tablet. I do like these rumours coming around, especially about OSX handhelds, a new series of Newtons, etc etc… All good fun.

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