I thought I’d post this short video of Bacterium (the Bhajis Garden Synth project) before I start tinkering with the code. I won’t post anything else on Bacterium until I’ve got something worth downloading.

PalmGear is joining PocketGear

Well, it makes a lot of sense I guess. Now there will just be PocketGear and Handango, and that’s it really.

Interesting Pacemaker views

The “learn how to DJ” blog isn’t one I’ve read before, this is an interesting view on the Pacemaker DJ device.

Freeware Wav recorder for Palm OS: SoundRec

I spotted this freeware sound recorder on PalmGear today. Maybe worth it if you’re looking for a way to record stuff quickly (and freely).

Android from Google…

Google announces that it is developing an open source OS for mobile devices (phones essentially). What will this mean for mobile music? Who knows at this point, They say that the first devices supporting it will appear in the second half of next year.

Cool name for an OS though.

Pacemaker and Madplayer

I was thinking the other day about proprietory devices and how good they can be but also how difficult to sustain, and then I thought about Pacemaker and Madplayer. Different end uses, but in some ways similar concepts behind them both.

Madplayer of course is discontinued, and Pacemaker hasn’t arrived as yet, but I do wonder how Pacemaker will do as a proprietory bit of hardware with its own software too?

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