Bhajis Garden Synth Project Code

The code for this project has been released by Wolfen (thanks for that) at the Bhajis Garden site.

I shall be having a look at it over the next few weeks to see what I can make of it, In the meantime the .rar file has a working built version of the app in it, so you could take a look!

Larry’s Boss Micro BR experience

Thanks to Larry for these comments about the Boss Micro-BR

check out his site here:

“check out my site, I created everything you hear with the Micro Br. Rhythm, lead guitar, drums, bass. I really pushed the limits of this recorder. Edited patches, and constant tweaks. If you have any questions about the Micro BR, just give me a hoot. I think its an okay recorder. Its not a 100k studio, but I didnt have to pay $150 hour either.

I have one, it has nice sound, until you burn it to a cd, then it sounds okay. Great for the low price. It has some flaws I have found. Well when you click to start recording, the buttons are metal, and actually make a click sound that can be heard in the recording afterwards which sucks, It does not have enough bass guitar effects, the drum beats suck, I only use them as a metronome to get my rhythm down. The main thing that bothers me about the unit is that it sounds so good thru the headphones, then you burn it, and it flattens out. The onboard mic is okay, picks up my breathing, and does not have enough vocal effects. Like say for instance you wanted to sound like darth vader, forget it. unless you want to spend endless time editing the patch. Takes adaptors to hook up to your amp. No outboard speaker, must use headphones. Not user friendly, but becomes somewhat easy after you put together about 4 songs. Its really not that great of a machine, but if you want to just get some basic song ideas down, its pretty cool. You could make a cd with this, but dont expect to not hear clicks from the buttons in your final recordings. My advice would be get the expensive 24 track you always wanted and skip this if you are serioius in anyway shape or form about your music.”

FutureSonic 2008

I got this email from FutureSonic today.

“Futuresonic Music – Submit Now

In 2008 we invite musicians to share their take on innovative, original and daring 21st century music with our audience. Futuresonic’s roots are in post-dub electronic music, and it showcases genre defying great live music. Futuresonic will be able to support a limited number of performances.

Music Submissions deadline — 5pm, 7th February 2008

Futuresonic EVNTS – Submit Now

Futuresonic now invites any programmer, curator, promoter, label or artist group anywhere in the world to take part in EVNTS 2008, a city-wide showcase of affiliated events. EVNTS has grown into a community of people who each year return to give the festival an extra edge. Awards of £1000 and £500 are available via the EVNT Competition.

EVNTS Competition deadline — 5pm, 7th February 2008
EVNTS 2008 showcase deadline — 5pm, 20th March 2008″

I wonder if there’ll be anything in the mobile music space at FutureSonic next year?

Anyone up for participating?

Maplin roll up keyboard

Well, it is portable isn’t it? Maplin are selling this roll up keyboard for only £19.99. Shame it isn’t a MIDI keyboard, it would be really useful if it was, or bluetooth even!

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