ranDRUM video

Here’s a little video showing my Sound Toy app ranDRUM. Try it out if you haven’t already. It is available at PalmGear.

MMPlayer for Palm OS updated

PalmInfocenter has news that the player app MMPlayer has been updated.

Features include:

– Plays DivX, AVI, Matroska, 3GP, mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 video plus Ogg, mp3, Shoutcast, Podcast and MIDI audio.
– Many zoom modes and rotation can be used to stretch the video to available screen size. For example, use 3/2x zoom plus rotation to view a 320×240 video on a T3 in fullscreen landscape mode.
– Hi-fi audio is supported on all supported Palms, including Clies (NX, NZ, TG).
– EMail attachments. HTTP streaming.

iPhone MIDI control

Another CDM find, this time MIDI control using the iPhone.

iPhone VJ !

CDM have this on an iPhone VJ native app using an open protocol for mobile devices called Mrmr. Looks interesting.

Still no TuneStudio

Will it be a 2007 product at all? Belkin did include it in their Christmas products PDF but the page for it still says “coming soon”. So whatever happened to a summer release?

Or could it be that Belkin are not only upgrading it for the iPod classic but also for the iPod Touch and working on software that will make it even more useful? Just speculation at this stage of course.

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