Revisit: Microbe

I can remember first using Microbe and being totally amazed that you could get a PDA to make music like that. It was really like having a Roland TR606 and a couple of TB303’s in your hand all at once and without having to use lots of cables to get them all working.

I’ve been playing with it quite a bit over the last few weeks and I’ve found it really useful as a very quick musical notepad. One thing that makes it really easy to get going with is that there is almost no time taken to load a song or start one as all the drum sounds are already there, and the synths can be tweaked right away. I think that kind of immediate ability to make music makes it an excellent app for when you have only a few minutes and don’t want to select instruments or samples.

Add to that the fact that you can go further and add in effects and an export to Bhajis Loops make it a really versatile application.

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