Whatever happened to ….

I was wondering about some projects that people have been in touch about over this year, and how they were progressing (or not) as the case may be. The first one I thought of was the synth being powered by Egg / Hedgehog. So I visted the soldering ironcam, and saw ….

Nice to know it is still on the move, you know how long these things take.

I was also wondering about theologiae who was working on pD Pod. I haven’t heard how that’s going for a while now.

Is still due to come out. I’m hoping to see it next week, but you know how these things go.

PaceMaker DJ
I visited their site recently, and they are still in testing. They’re going to bring out an app for PC and Mac as well, but I think it would be great for a handheld too.

DScratch and Protein
This seems to be moving along well. I hope that the other modules see the light of day too and not just the DScratch module.

Well it is now coming up to a year since this was originally announced and I am beginning to think it is vapourware. I am sure that Belkin are working to get it to work with iPod Classic or something, but the release has not hit summer for sure.

iPhone Audio
Brian Whitman was working on audio on the iPhone before the 3rd party SDK was announced. I wonder if he will develop anything for it once the SDK arrives?

Bhajis Garden Synth Project
This never came to anything sadly as the code was never released.

The site still says “Coming in 2007”, but there isn’t much of it left now. I know it won’t bring a lot to mobile music, but it would make the UI on a palm look much better.

Screens Environment
Who knows, silent for a while again.

If you know of updates, or other projects that I should follow, please let me know.

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