Mbox 2 Micro

I guess that this story is sort of mobile music related. I really like the idea of this little device. The smallest addition to the Mbox line up, it allows users to edit, sequence, and mix sessions created on Pro Tools|HD®, Pro Tools LE®, and Pro Tools M-Powered™ systems on the go, as well as compose music with virtual instruments and loops.

The Micro is about the size of a USB drive (although not the tape variety from yesterday), Mbox 2 Micro offers high-quality 24-bit / 48 kHz sound, a 1/8-inch stereo output for headphone or speaker monitoring (no audio inputs*), and a convenient volume wheel, providing the freedom of true editing, sequencing, and mixing mobility. Mbox 2 Micro lets you work wherever inspiration takes you.

It is an interesting idea I think, and tempting. It’d be great if it would work plugged into a handheld device.

I guess it begs the question of what you could do to create a hardware device that would give a handheld some real digital music power?

Apple releases Leopard

Apple unveils OSX 10.5 today. What will this mean for mobile music? Well, not too much I suspect. However, the forthcoming iPhone / iPod Touch SDK may be a Leopard only SDK, and of course 10.5 may pave the way for something like an Apple UMPC, a Mac Nano? Who knows.

Location poll

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the location poll, that’s really useful information.

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