D-Pod 1.1

A bit sooner than I expected I’ve got this working and uploaded to PalmGear, so if you are interested go ahead and grab a copy. As always, it is freeware, and I think it is an improvement on version 1.0.

There’s a little help / about type screen in there too, and just so you know what’s going on, here’s an explanation of the new buttons.

Enjoy! More Sound Toys soon I hope!

Reader locations

I’ve put up a little survey / poll on where people are. The reason I’m interested in knowing is to work out how many people might come to a London / South London event if I could arrange something like that. I’m thinking along the lines of one of the CDM events.


Sorry, I left out Europe! How could I forget!!!!


I had to take the poll down to add in other locations, so please accept my apologies if you’d already voted. Please vote again and I hope I haven’t missed anyone off this time!

Last 2 Griff Plugins

This was one of the only Griff plugins that I didn’t have, so I didn’t have. So today I decided that I’d buy it along with the mdaFilter plugin too.

The Griff site says this:

“A recreation of the Classic Leslie speaker effect, mdaLeslie will add warmth and movement to any instrument. It is particularily effective when used with the mdaOrgan.”

The Griff site says this:

“mdaFilter is a 12dB/oct filter operating in either LowPass, BandPass or HighPass mode.”

I’m just starting to get into Griff again. Using it on my old Jornada had become a chore, but on my Axim it is much easier to work with. Once I’ve had some time to play with these I’ll write a short review.

Mobile Application Directory update

The Mobile Application Directory has been updated with a new section on iPhone software. Mainly in anticipation of next February and beyond, but also containing the BeatPhone app. I’ve also added the DScratch application to the DS section.

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