Asus Eee PC: Pricing on Brighthand

Brighthand has an article on the pricing of the Asus Eee PC in the US. We’ll have to see what the UK pricing works out as.

D-Pod 1.1

I was working on another app and got sidetracked and started working on a little update of D-Pod to make it a bit more fun and usable. It should be all finished in a few days!

DS Protein Suite !

CDM has this post today on the DS Scratch app.

Taking a look at the site, you can see that there’s lots more than the scratch app coming. A whole suite of audio modules for the DS!!!

” The idea is to get several “modules” running together and that you can manipulate at the same time to create live sound.”

The scratch app is alpha is available for download now.

4Pockets in best software finalists 2007

Congratulations to 4Pockets for getting their apps into the 2007 Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards.

Of the Finalists two are audio applications:

Virtual Recorder
Pocket RTA Pro

Well done to all at 4Pockets.

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