I’ve been interested in the UMPC idea for ages and saw this post on CDM today. I like the concept of the UMPC, but I think it is just the start really.

I think if you can get a UMPC with XP or vista on it, then why not a dual boot UMPC of ultra mobile mac? How about a MacNano?
I know, I think I’ve gone on about this before, but I think it is an idea that’s worth pursuing.

Anyway, here are some videos care of the UMPC portal and the post off CDM.

Festival of Mobile film

I got an email about this festival and I thought I might submit something. I checked with the organisers and it is open to international entrants.

Styletap announces Symbian version in Alpha

Great news for Symbian users. StyleTap have announced that they are developing a version of their platform for Symbian. Read all about it here.

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