Google Operating System?

Brighthand has this story about the long rumoured Google phone actually being a mobile OS to counter Windows Mobile. It sounds plausible, and if they make it truly open source as is claimed in this article, perhaps it will be a decent offering for music applications?

Xeep turns up on PDA 247

I was interested to see that PDA247 were wondering why Xeep was developed. Well the answer is, why not?

iPhone BeatBox

At last, someone is doing something interesting with the iPhone. Another excellent find from CDM. This looks like it could develop and go somewhere interesting.

Check out the BeatPhone site.

What makes this interesting though is this comment on the site:

“BeatPhone is the first beatbox application for the iPhone. Aiming to be a “studio in your pocket”, it is still in an early stage of development. Are you ready to take your little studio in your pocket ?”

Let’s hope it keeps going.

The Circuit Bending Challenge

Will you give it a go? I sounds like an ideal opportunity to me. Read more at CDM.

DS Fanboy: Gameboys don’t grow on trees

I read this at DS Fanboy.A really interesting idea for an interactive installation. Worth a read.

iPhone web apps directory

Many sites covered the rumours yesterday of Apple doing something with iPhone and iPod Touch apps. The rumour spectrum went from the release of an official SDK at one end to the publication of a web directory at the other.

Sadly what we ended up with was the web directory.

I think it is a shame that Apple hasn’t made more of this platform. Still, let’s hope that they open it up at some point.

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